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What is Air Conditioning?

Air Conditioning, or AC for short, is a system in your car that cools off and dehumidifies warmer air and blows it into a car.  It is used to keep passengers cool during the hot months of summer.  We have a blog entry about how air conditioning works and why it might break.

Is it Dangerous?

Varies | Inconvenient| Annoying | Mildly Dangerous | Dangerous | Very Dangerous

If your air conditioning breaks, it isn't dangerous.  You can roll down your windows to cool off.  It's mostly just an inconvenience, seeing as how cars didn't used to have air conditioning at all!

Warning Signs

If your air conditioning is making strange noises when you turn it on, part of your AC system might be close to giving out.  And of course, if you don't get any cold air blowing on you, then it's broken.  If you feel cold air near the vent, but it isn't actually getting blown into the cab, then the fan might be broken.  If you don't want to suffer through the Michigan heat and humidity while driving in the summer, bring it in to Leo and Ed's right away!

Why Might it Break?

We have a blog about why your air conditioning might not be working !  For more details, go take a look.  There are many components of an air conditioning system that could break or fail and cause the entire thing to stop working--anything from tubes and gaskets to the compressor or the fan.


Since air conditioning isn't a vital system, it isn't necessary for it to be checked on a regular basis.  It's good to have your coolant checked and changed if needed whenever you get your oil changed.  Other than that, air conditioning is largely a come-in-as-needed kind of repair.

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